Business case

Investing in cyber security is essential for businesses of all sizes to protect their data, customers, and reputation. With the ever-evolving threat landscape, companies must stay ahead of the curve to ensure their data is secure. Cybersecurity solutions can help businesses protect against financial losses, improve customer trust and loyalty, attract new customers, maintain compliance, and protect intellectual property. Investing in cyber security is a smart move that can help businesses save money, build trust, and stay ahead of the competition.

Company X is considering an investment of €15,000 in a new cybersecurity system to protect against cyber-attacks. In order to make an informed decision, Company X has performed a comprehensive analysis using various methods, including Game-Theoretic Analysis of Security Investment, Monte Carlo Simulation, and a Quantitative Finance Model.

The Game-Theoretic Analysis of Security Investment estimates the expected savings of the investment. Based on historical data and expert opinions, the probability of an attack is estimated to be 28%. The potential cost of a security breach is €100,000, while the probability of the security investment being successful in preventing an attack is 80%. Using these figures, the expected savings from the investment is calculated to be €22,400.

To further assess the potential outcomes of the investment, a Monte Carlo Simulation is performed using a quantitative finance model. The simulation randomly generates many possible outcomes based on different scenarios and probabilities. The results show that, in 95% of cases, the investment generates a positive return, with an expected return of €49,800 and a standard deviation of €23,500.

Finally, a Quantitative Finance Model is used to calculate the net present value (NPV) of the investment. The expected cash flows from the investment are estimated at €70,000 over three years, with a discount rate of 10%. The present value of the expected cash flows is calculated as €176,413.22. Considering the investment level of €15,000, the NPV is found to be €161,413.22.

Based on the results from the Game-Theoretic Analysis of Security Investment, Monte Carlo Simulation, and Quantitative Finance Model, the investment in the cybersecurity system is worth making. The expected savings of €22,400 show that the investment is strategically sound, while the Monte Carlo Simulation indicates a solid potential for significant returns with an expected return of €49,800. Furthermore, the Quantitative Finance Model reveals a positive NPV of €161,413.22, supporting the decision to invest in the cybersecurity system.