Vustick is a next-generation payload platform explicitly designed for NGOs to conduct penetration testing exercises securely and ethically. By simulating trusted devices, Vustick provides NGOs with a powerful tool to identify and mitigate system vulnerabilities.

With its advanced features, such as wireless geofencing, remote triggers, and high-capacity MicroSD support, Vustick delivers superior performance and versatility in executing multiple payloads with ease. The platform's out-of-band techniques make it easy to exfiltrate extensive data.

Vustick is continuously updated with the latest technological advancements, ensuring NGOs stay at the forefront of penetration testing. The possibility to add payloads from example, Metasploit and similar software provide limitless attack possibilities, making Vustick an ideal tool for physical engagements or social engineering exercises.

Potential Impact

Mimic many trusted devices along with the latest zero-day exploits
Potential Impact

Adapt to new operational needs and support smooth capability growth
Potential Impact

Information Advantage
Real-time sharing of information ensures tactical superiority
Potential Impact

Best in class tools from around the world perfectly integrated