Vustick is a next-generation payload platform explicitly designed for NGOs to conduct penetration testing exercises securely and ethically. By simulating trusted devices, Vustick provides NGOs with a powerful tool to identify and mitigate system vulnerabilities. With its compact design and advanced technology, Vustick is a versatile tool that fits into your everyday life. It's not just a device; it's a companion that helps you navigate the complex world of cybersecurity.

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Vustick is powered by Arch Linux and BlackArch Tools, providing a robust and reliable platform for penetration testing. With the ability to run Python scripts, Vustick offers advanced testing capabilities. It's designed to be light on resources, making it an ideal solution for organizations with limited resources. The platform's out-of-band techniques make it easy to exfiltrate extensive data. With continuous updates, Vustick ensures you stay at the forefront of penetration testing. The platform's interoperability with different systems and software, as well as its ability to integrate payloads from Metasploit and similar software, provide limitless attack possibilities, making Vustick an ideal tool for physical engagements or social engineering exercises.


At the heart of Vustick is a powerful quad-core ARM-based one-chip computer. This compact powerhouse delivers the computational muscle you need for your security tests, all while consuming minimal power. It's designed for efficiency and performance, capable of handling complex computations, managing multiple tasks simultaneously, and running your tests for extended periods without overheating or slowing down.

Vustick's design offers flexibility with its GPIO pins, allowing you to connect to any piece of hardware to control it, run your own code, and communicate with other devices. This flexibility extends to the addition of on-demand features such as a 4G modem, enhancing its functionality and adaptability to your specific needs.

Vustick is designed to mimic many trusted devices, making it stealthy and hard to detect. It's built to autodestruct in case of capture, further enhancing its stealth and security. With Vustick, you can explore any kind of access control system, RFID, radio protocols, and debug hardware using GPIO pins.

Vustick is completely autonomous and can be controlled without additional devices, such as computers or smartphones. For more control, you can connect to Vustick via USB. It can also be used as a regular USB to UART/SPI/I2C/etc adapter.
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Vustick is more than a tool; it's an extension of the penetration tester's mind and body, achieved through advanced Human-Machine Collaboration (HMC). This concept allows the human and the machine to work in perfect harmony to ensure mission success. Vustick's embedded AI capabilities and its forward-thinking control interface aid the penetration tester's decision-making process, providing critical support during complex missions.

In the intricate and challenging world of penetration testing, Vustick is designed to infiltrate protective measures like firewalls and antivirus software. Its integrated state-of-the-art electronic warfare system employs a range of offensive and defensive strategies to disrupt target operations while ensuring its own protection, resulting in high survivability.

Vustick's suite of sensors offers cross-domain data gathering and an unparalleled level of networked sensor fusion. This superior situational awareness provides Vustick the tactical edge it needs to secure mission success and platform survivability. Information is swiftly analyzed and shared in real-time, enabling rapid implementation of critical decisions, ensuring tactical superiority.

Vustick is also designed to be fully remote-controlled and has a built-in autodestruct feature in case of capture, further enhancing its stealth and security.


At Vuntie, we believe in crafting solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. That's why every Vustick is a custom order, built on demand to meet your specific requirements. This isn't a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a tool designed with your mission in mind.

Each Vustick is a testament to resilience, performance, and endurance. It's a device that's ready to support your mission, equipped with the features and capabilities you need to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity. But it doesn't stop there. Vustick is designed to evolve and adapt to your changing needs, ensuring it remains a reliable tool for secure penetration testing.

Every Vustick is built on demand, ensuring that each device is as unique as your mission. The starting price depends on the number of devices and their specifications. All devices are custom-made, reflecting our commitment to providing solutions that are tailored to your needs. With Vustick, you're not just getting a device; you're getting a partner in your mission to secure your organization.
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