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Our approach to wireless penetration testing is comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs. Here's what it entails:

Reconnaissance — Our approach begins with IoT security discovery activities. We gather intelligence about your wireless environment, study the wireless encryption employed, and identify all access points that belong to your organization.

Scanning & Enumeration — We perform scanning and enumeration to discover the Most Viable Wireless Targets.

Exploitation — During this phase, we perform the attacks, trying to breach and compromise your wireless devices. If successful, the internal network is scanned, and network segmentation is validated.

Remediation Verification — Our web app penetration testers perform a follow-up assessment to ensure that the exploitation phase's remediation and mitigation steps have been accurately implemented.

Delivery — This includes Cleanup, document analysis, report creation, and report presentation to stakeholders to easily benchmark the security level of each process.
vuntie approach to wireless penetration testing


Our methodology for wireless penetration testing differs from project to project. We use well-known methods such as OWASP, PTES, ISSAF, and NIST, blending them with Agility, Scrum, and DevOps methodologies to deliver the best results.

Continuous Pentesting: This is our primary approach, involving integral and incremental pentests at every stage of the development process. Our integral pentest establishes a baseline of current security status, while our incremental pentest verifies security-related changes in line with your wireless development methodology and release cycle.

Optimization for Various Systems: Even though penetration testing should ideally be done early, that's not always the case. We can optimize our methods to test various systems, including ancient ones. At Vuntie, nothing is impossible!

Tools Used: We use only the most reliable and practical tools for wireless penetration testing, including Kali Linux, Metasploit, Nmap, Aircrack-ng, Burp Suite, OWASP ZAP, and John the Ripper. Our commitment to using the best tools guarantees accurate and comprehensive results for our clients.
vuntie Methodology wireless penetration test
vulnerabilities covered in vuntie wireless Penetration test


At the heart of our services is a thorough physical penetration testing protocol. We've designed it to identify and confront the most critical vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. We do this because we understand how devastating these threats can be to your wireless infrastructure.
  • Code Injection
Data Exposure
Buffer Overflow
Insecure Direct
Security Misconfig
Broken Access
XML Attack
Path Traversal
Remote Execution
Denial Service
Cryptographic Fail
URL Redirect
CSRF Attacks
Command Execution
Spoofing Attack
Academic research wireless penetration testing


At Vuntie, we strive to stay ahead of the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape. We rely on the latest academic research to optimize our penetration testing methods to achieve this. By staying current with the latest trends, we can better identify and address potential vulnerabilities and secure our client's networks and systems. Below are some excellent examples of academic resources related to wireless penetration testing.